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Industrial Cleaning Services

Office One Cleaning- Your ONE Stop to Ensure Your Facility is Clean and Safe!

The appearance and cleanliness of your facility speaks volumes to your clients- and can impact production, safety, and job satisfaction of your employees.  If you’re at a loss of time or knowledge of how to bring your facility back to looking its finest, let Office One Cleaning, Inc. do the work for you!  We specialize in providing a clean- and more importantly, a safe environment for the health and protection of your employees. We offer a wide array of industrial cleaning services as well as office and commercial cleaning services.  Office One Cleaning, Inc. is capable of being your one stop industrial, commercial, and office cleaning company!

Let Office One Cleaning, Inc. do what we do best, so that you can do what you do best! We proudly specialize in nearly any and all industrial and commercial cleaning need you may have allowing you to use just one company to cover all of your needs.  And if we don’t currently offer a service you are in need of, we are eager to learn how to, and provide safe and exceptional cleaning for your work place.

The multitude of services we offer to fit your needs include:

Combustible Dust removal

High Surface Cleaning

Industrial and Commercial Floor Cleaning

Smoke Stack Cleaning

Interior/Exterior Wall Washing

Power Washing

Sludge Removal

Dry Carpet Cleaning/Extraction


Hand Cleaning/Wiping Equipment

Ice Blasting

With our wide range of services, we have the capability of being your ONE stop shop for all of your cleaning needs! Don’t hassle with calling multiple companies to take care of all of your needs.  Office One Cleaning, Inc. can handle multiple projects within our one company!  Which means less phone calls and emails for you to spend valuable time on!  We pride ourselves on our high quality work and exceptional service! Make us a part of your team today!

We proudly serve over 15 states and are continually growing!

Already Serving Customers Near You

Combustible/Fugitive Dust Removal

IOC specializes in the proper removal of combustible dust and debris in rafters and ceiling joists. This mitigates the risk of fire or explosion in your buildings while also creating safer, cleaner air, and making your facility more compliant with OSHA standards.

High Surface Cleaning

For high surface cleaning, Office One Cleaning is the single-source solution for professional industrial cleaning. Our highly trained professionals will deep clean high surface areas in your facility.

Industrial Floor Cleaning

We provide expert industrial floor cleaning services for a wide range of surfaces, including concrete, ceramic tile, carpet, hardwood, VCT and Terrazzo tiles.  We are knowledgeable and able to handle any type of floor your facility may need cleaned.  

Interior/Exterior Wall Washing

Our interior/exterior wall washing services expertly remove dust, grease, grime, and sticky residue. Our wall cleaning service leaves no need to paint.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We can expertly clean your carpets using a dry extraction cleaning method with no downtime!

Why Choose Office One Cleaning?


Office One Cleaning boasts highly-trained professionals, from management to our cleaning experts. Each technician is OSHA trained and certified to complete the job following the highest safety and health standards. We are bonded, insured, and eager to accomplish even the most daunting industrial cleaning projects. Whether your commercial site is 200 square feet or two million square feet, IOC’s highly trained professionals will promptly provide a deep clean, leaving even the dirtiest facilities looking new.


With over 40 years of combined cleaning experience, Office One Cleaning knows the needs of each type of facility. Whether you are looking for cleaning services for a health care facility, manufacturing plant, office building, or commercial location. IOC has the expertise to complete the cleaning project with excellence. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Certified Technicians

Our employees have completed background checks, drug testing, and are highly trained and OSHA certified. We require that all personnel use the proper personal protection equipmentsuch as: harnesses, hard hats, and fitted respirators. All employees follow company policies regarding first aid treatment and accident procedures. We are currently 100% accident free!

Renowned Clients

Office One Cleaning serves clientele locally as well as across the nation. Some of our highly satisfied clients include:

  • Nishikawa Cooper, LLC
  • Cooper Tire
  • Steel Dynamics Inc.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is quoted based on the unique customer specifications for each cleaning project. Before any project is invoiced, a distinct check-off system is completed. Our highly trained  managers and your point of contact walk through the job, ensuring that there is complete satisfaction of the work. We price our jobs competitively to ensure quality work and satisfaction.

Outstanding Customer Service

At Office One Cleaning, we aim to develop a long-term relationship with our customers; our goal is to serve you for years to come. We retain >90% of our customers long term. Our key to complete satisfaction is our customer service. We keep unmatched open doors of communication via email or phone. We also boast 24/7 support for any need that may arise around the clock-with unprecedented response time.