About Office One Cleaning The ONE company to handle all of your cleaning needs!

Industrial One Cleaning, Inc. was founded in Fort Wayne, Indiana and now services over 13 states. IOC has over 40 years of combined cleaning expertise- just within its core people!  Office One Cleaning, Inc. knows the needs of every type of facility. Whether your cleaning needs are for a manufacturing plant, health care facility, office building, commercial, or retail location; IOC has the expertise to complete the cleaning project with excellence! Satisfaction guaranteed!

We ensure our employees have completed background checks, drug testing, and are highly trained and OSHA certified.  We require that all personnel use the proper personal protection equipment, such as: harnesses, hard hats, and fitted respirators.  All employees follow company policies regarding first aid treatment and accident procedures. We put safety first and are currently 100% accident free!

Office One Cleaning, Inc. is a leading cleaning contractor; setting the standard in the industry.  The choice is clear. Your ONE stop for all your cleaning needs!  Contact us today for a quote.