Commercial Carpet Cleaning Deep clean your carpets with no downtime

Office One Cleaning has the knowledge, team, and techniques to expertly deep-clean commercial carpet, making it look brand new and extending the life expectancy of your carpet. Whether you are simply looking for a one-time deep clean for the carpet in your facility or regular maintenance to keep your carpet looking its best, there is no need to search further.

We use a dry extraction cleaning system that doesn’t require water, shampoo or steam. Traditional carpet cleaning requires a drying time of 12 or more hours, which can be a major hassle to work around, and often means that carpets don’t get cleaned as often as they should.

With our dry extraction system, we can clean your carpet at any time of the day, and it will be open to foot traffic immediately afterward – no downtime. Also, because we don’t use any shampoos or products that leave a sticky residue, it means your carpet stays clean longer rather than immediately attracting dirt and grime.

The cleaning products we use are USDA-certified biobased products, meaning they are safe and environmentally friendly, while also helping conserve water and energy.