Exterior/Interior Wall Washing Your ONE stop for all interior and exterior surface/wall cleaning needs!

There are a variety of reasons to wash interior or exterior walls, including: painting preparation, safety reasons, routine maintenance, or simply improving the appearance of your facilities. Whatever the reason, Office One Cleaning, Inc. expertly removes dust, grease, grime, sticky residue, and other substances that are keeping your surfaces from looking and performing their best.

Our highly trained wall washing experts have over four decades of combined experience in surface cleaning and are all OSHA trained and certified.

Our high pressured power washing machine combines 5600 PSI and hot water to power off any and all dirt and grime. In addition, the application of specialized cleaning chemicals can be utilized based on the needs of the facility.

Our interior power washing equipment is capable of cleaning assembly lines, equipment, and most surfaces up to a height of 65 feet. With meticulous standards, IOC has a system to effectively degrease delicate parts and equipment. You will be amazed at the difference a clean environment will have on clients, employees, and visitors!

If you are preparing to paint, our industrial cleaning services will prepare any surface for the application of paint. Grease and grime must be removed for successful results! Many times our clients have found no need to paint once our surface cleaning techniques have been employed! The walls have been restored to their previous, gleaming state without paint, saving the company time and money!

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